LWMC accomplishes digital mapping of 43 Smog Hotspots

LAHORE  -  The Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) has successfully accomplished the digi­tal mapping of 43 Smog Hotspot areas across 9 towns of the provincial capital.

Chief Executive Officer LWMC Babar Sahib Din directed to conduct daily sweeping and washing activities in these hotspot areas with working im­ages being uploaded to a dedicated application. 

CEO Babar Sahib Din emphasized that road scraping initiative is currently in progress across all roads to effectively combat smog. Approxi­mately 70 to 80 kilometres of road networks are being operated daily as part of this initiative.

According to a spokesman of LWMC, the areas such as Circular Road, Lorry Adda, Bhaatti Chowk and Railway Road Bazaar have been identified as smog hotspots and are included in this sweeping and scraping effort. Furthermore, areas like Tho­kar Chowk, College Road, Kotha Pind Stop, Lib­erty Market, M.M. Alam Road, Mahmood Kasuri Road, and others have also been officially rec­ognized as Smog Hotspots. Supervisors in their respective areas will be responsible for upload­ing working images on the application, ensuring full transparency and accountability in the smog control efforts. In addition to road scraping La­hore Waste Management Company has initiated efforts to control water sprinkling and has intro­duced mechanical washing procedures. 

CEO Babar Sahib Din urged citizens to support LWMC teams and contribute for creating a Smog-free Environment. He also urged everyone to re­frain from spreading or burning waste.

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