Power Challenges

In response to protests against high electricity bills, the gov­ernment is cracking down on electricity theft, with millions of units stolen across the country. While this crackdown provides short-term relief, experts empha­sise the need for structural re­forms in the power sector.

A report highlights that power companies lack modern tools to combat theft, and line losses due to various issues further exacer­bate the problem. Despite plans to hand over distribution companies (DISCOs) to provinces, resistance persists, burdening taxpayers.

To ensure lasting solutions, the government must invest in ener­gy distribution, reduce line losses, and control theft. Addressing the burden on consumers from tax­es and payments to independent power producers (IPPs) is essen­tial, especially in the face of rising prices and inflation. Swift action is needed to ease this unfair finan­cial strain on the people.


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