SC directs high court to decide sugar price case within 30 days

ISLAMABAD  -  The Supreme Court (SC) of Pakistan on Tuesday directed the high court to hear cases on a daily basis pertaining to price fixation of sugar and de­cide the case within 30 days. 

A three-member bench headed by Justice Ijaz ul Ah­san heard the case pertain­ing to the price of sugar in the country. At the outset of the hearing, the coun­sel of Sugar Mills adopted the stance that the identical case was fixed for a hearing on September 20 before the high court. The addition­al attorney general (AAG) said that the top court had ordered to submit the dif­ference in sugar price be­fore it, adding that the high court had also suspended the prices fixed by the pro­vincial government. He said that the sugar price was Rs98 per kilogram but the sugar mills were now sell­ing it at Rs200 per Kg. The AAG prayed the court to is­sue directives for submis­sion of the report to the registrar’s office of the top court pertaining to the dif­ference in the price. At this, Justice Ahsan observed that why there was haste in it, the high court would take the decision after hearing the case. The AAG said that the recovery in price would be difficult with the pas­sage of time. The court sub­sequently ordered the high court to hear the case on a daily basis and announced the verdict in 30 days.

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