About 650 employees, during the last 08 years have got retirement from Pakistan Machine Tool Factory (PMTF) whereas they all are still deprived of their arrears including pensions from PMTF authorities. 

Out of 650 retirees, unfortunately 65 have so far expired whereas rest being in old ages are mostly suffering from various serious diseases along with their life-partners. Since they are not getting medical facilities as allowed to retirees in other organizations, they are unable to get satisfactorily treatment. Further, they did not get arrears so far after passing such a long time of their retirement, such steps have disabled them including their family members to get proper medical treatment even from private doctors at their own expenses. 

The above mentioned facts have unfortunately worsen the situation compelling them to face lives of PMTF retirees in highly dangerous conditions. 

The retirees have continuously made hue & cry to get justice but to in vain. Even the chairman of the National Assembly Standing Committee along with some members assured the retirees to help them for getting arrears. They recommended PMTF to pay all arrears to the retirees but after passing two years, no improvement was made so far. In addition to this, they also met ex-chairman of the Senate one year ago who also assured them to help. 

On March 15, 2018, the retirees were compelled to stage peaceful protest in front of PMTF office, Karachi but the management, instead of resolving issues of retirees, got registered FIRs in Sukhan Police Station against some leaders of retirees. 

On behalf of PMTF retirees, I appeal to all concerned authorities to intervene and ensure full payment of arrears of PMTF retirees at the earliest and withdraw fake FIRs against leaders of retirees. 


Karachi, March 24.