RAWALPINDI - Former Army Chief General (R) Mirza Aslam Baig on Wednesday termed the purported audio being run the social media fake and a conspiracy hatched by the country’s enemy against the Pakistan Army. General Baig, in an audio statement, said, “I condemn and refute the vile and absurd statements that are coming in the social media against the army and its top leadership.

“It is an immoral idea for me to speak against the Pakistan Army and its dignity as it  is my identity and glory. Its every soldier and officer is respectable to me”, he added.

General Baig said, “As long as Allah Almighty has given me life, my mind, my heart and tongue will continue to speak the truth about the glory of Pakistan Army”.


He said the movement against the Army was a conspiracy of the country’s enemies.  “Do not be a part of this conspiracy. Do not tarnish your clean character and actions. Allah Almighty does not like such things”, General Baig urged the nation.