The last few days have been eventful, tumultuous, nerve wrecking and in many ways of historic significance. There were many a ‘first time’.

It was the first time that the American foreign office came out publicly to deny any involvement in the internal affairs of Pakistan.

It was the first time that a prime minister of Pakistan accused a big power for coercion in the full blaze of the national media.

The deputy speaker gave a ruling that had no parallel in the parliamentary democracy of Pakistan.

Again, it was the first time that the Chief Justice of the epoch court decided to intervene and correct the course of a usually wavering political ship. The military this time remained overtly neutral.

The hope lies in Allah. He made it possible for Pakistan to acquire nuclear technology. The US had eased the pressure on Pakistan to see Russia meet its Vietnam.

Zia committed mistakes. We were inflicted with Kalashnikov, drugs and sectarian culture. We suffered grievous hurt. But by the time the Russians left we had

the weapon.

The credit belongs to Zia for making Bhutto’s dream a reality. The military solely controls all that is nuclear. Unless a chief of army staff also surrenders to the devil, the nuclear assets are in safe hands.

If Sharifs and Zardaris have not learnt any lessons from 1971, let me remind them that all the actors of 1971 had met with

an ignoble end.

The present lot of antagonists are pygmies in comparison to the icons like ZAB, Mujeeb and Indira. Divine justice though apparently late, is sure to prevail.

The enemies of Pakistan and their cohorts are in for God’s judgment as they close eyes to the lessons of history. Ali Muhammad’s emotional outburst in the parliament, a mournful monologue brought tears to many eyes.

The arrogant laughed at him and his mention of Imam Hussain as their ilk before them had laughed at the truth and the truthful.

The present debacle for PTI might turn out to be another pact of Hudaibiya, an apparent defeat that ends in a roaring success.

Whatever the future holds in store for Pakistan, Imran has asserted the meanings of liberty, honour and freedom.

The saner voices that support IK auger well for the future and reinforce the hope in the Almighty.