JSM plans protest against dacoit rule

NAWABSHAH   -   Jeay Sindh Mahaz-Riaz chairman Riaz Chandio has announced staging sit-ins across Sindh on Sunday, April 14, in protest against rise in cases of kidnapping, dacoits’ rule and shortage of irriga­tion water. Talking to report­ers in Sakrand, Chandio said that when honourable judg­es of courts were themselves shouting for justice for their own families and judges were in such miserable con­dition where members of general public should look for justice. He said that the parliament which had been brought into being through an arrangement carried no mandate. The interim setup before elections had greatly weakened Irsa as the prov­ince’s water share as per 1991 accord was not being given to Sindh, he said. He said pointing to powers that be that they said until Pun­jab’s dams were not filled, Sindh’s water would not be released. Punjab was releas­ing sewage into Indus River which was destroying agri­culture of Sindh, he claimed. Chandio said that whether it was government of Pakistan Peoples Party, PML-Nawaz or Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf, Sindh had always remained deprived of its share of wa­ter. He criticised PPP for its poor governance in the province for last 16 years and said the PPP leaders were now selling gunny bags whereas growers were forced to sell their wheat at a lower price. He said that billions of rupees were spent on law and order mainte­nance in Sindh, still dacoits’ culture was ever-flourishing. G.M. Syed had already said that Sindh would never get justice through parliament where thieves were sitting whereas judges were not de­ciding cases on merit.

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