Renowned Urdu Poet Farigh Bukhari remembered

ISLAMABAD   -   The twenty-seventh death anni­versary of Farigh Bukhari, a celebrated poet, writer, and critic of Urdu literature, was observed in Peshawar on Saturday. Born on November 11, 1917, in Peshawar un­der the name Ahmed Shah, he contributed significant­ly to Urdu literature. In ad­dition to poetry, Bukhari au­thored numerous books on literature, social issues, and politics in languages such as Hindko, Pashto, and pre­dominantly Urdu. Bukhari’s literary works encompassed a wide range of subjects, re­flecting his deep understand­ing of various facets of life. His writings not only entertained but also enlightened readers about societal issues and po­litical dynamics. Despite his diverse interests, Bukhari’s mastery in Urdu poetry re­mained unparalleled, earn­ing him a revered place in the literary circles of Pakistan. On April 13, 1997, Bukhari passed away in Peshawar, leaving behind a rich legacy that continues to inspire and influence aspiring poets and writers across the nation. As his admirers gather to com­memorate his memory, they reflect on his profound con­tributions to Urdu literature and his enduring influence on generations of writers to come.

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