As we celebrate the 75th independence anniversary, it is time to ponder, on collective failures of those who held power since 1954, and what were the factors which landed this country on edge of financial collapse, facing threats of extremism and terrorism. Quaid stressed upon importance of a Constitution and rule of law, on 11 August 1947 to achieve modern democratic welfare state, which motivated people to join democratic struggle that AIML waged.

We must remember that political awakening amongst Muslims started in 1906 from Dacca and it was later that others joined. Allama Iqbal laid down his vision and MAJ’s leadership led us to achieve Pakistan in 1947.

The basic principle of democracy is one man one vote and number of seats in NA must be based on population. It is an unfortunate reality that after Quaid’s death, the Constitution was delayed till 1954, when it was finalized proposing 300 seats in NA with 165 for 56% majority East Pakistan and 135 seats for other federating units in West Pakistan and a Senate, where all federating units would have equal number of seats, as a balancing act.

Today we are neither a welfare state, nor a country secure from within, haunted by terrorism, extremism, ethnic and sectarian divide. What we need to do is to adopt Jinnah’s vision in letter and spirit.