The devastation caused by the monsoon season this year forced Balochistan to declare a state of emergency after multiple districts were completely submerged in water. To support relief efforts and demonstrate a spirit of partnership, the Barrick Gold Corporation contributed $150,000 for the cause. Not only will this financial help prove to be valuable but it is also a reflection of a healthy partnership with a company that is bound to bring much needed economic development in Balochistan.

Barrick Gold Corporation is the same firm that is responsible for running the Reko Diq gold and copper mines, a project that has been restarted after being stalled in 2011. It is the source of the single largest direct foreign investment in Balochistan and currently holds the key to bringing more revenue, development and much needed attention to the province. Its contributions towards flood relief is appreciated and goes to show that the partnership goes beyond securing economic interests. The effects of the floods have been destructive for Balochistan and victims need all the help they can get.

The death toll has reached 188, over 6000 houses have been swept away, roads are completely submerged, ten dams have been breached and thousands of people have been left stranded. Furthermore, flooded areas are common breeding grounds for mosquitoes, increasing the likelihood of diseases like dengue and malaria spreading. Water borne diseases like typhoid can become common as well. At the same time, people lack clean drinking water, shelter, food, sanitation products and most are cut off from the world as cellular and internet services have been disrupted. In the face of all this, every penny contributed towards the cause is valuable.

It is imperative that the government uses all the resources at its disposal to provide relief to the flood victims in Balochistan. Initiatives should be maintained and expanded, both of which can happen through the generous contributions made by external actors like the Barrick corporation.