ISLAMABAD   -    Former interior minister and Awami League Chief, Sheikh Rashid Ahmad has said Imran Khan would trample the ruling coalition during by-elections on 9 National Assembly seats, warning the government that revenge politics will lead democracy to a terrible end.  In a tweet on Saturday, the Awami League chief tweeted, “Despite having their prime minister, chief minister and Election Commission of Pakistan, they [coalition government] lost the Punjab by-election. Now Imran Khan will trample them [during by-polls] on 9 National Assembly seats.” It doesn’t matter anymore whether Nawaz Sharif is coming or not. “Through their stupid and ignorant policy of washing dirty linen in media, they reveal everything to everybody,” he added.

He said the government is in a state of confusion and panic. “Sixty-two ministers are in fact political dead bodies who only play the media. The revenge politics of these people will take democracy to a terrible end. Nothing will be gained by this mudslinging,’ he said further. He said 10 crore people are in the grip of poverty and inflation, he said.