“Message of Hope”

Chief Of Army Staff Address on 76th Independence Day


Roots of Independence: Emphasis on the vision of leaders, sacrifices of forefathers, and the Two Nation Theory.

Facing Challenges: Firm stance against geo-political challenges and affirming Pakistan's resilience.

Defending Sovereignty: A pledge to preserve Pakistan's territorial integrity and the bond between the Army and the Nation.

Nation's Resources: Highlighting Pakistan's geographical diversity and abundant natural resources.

Support for Kashmir: Recognizing Kashmiris' struggle and assuring them of their impending freedom.

Regional Dynamics: Addressing regional challenges and emphasizing cooperation with strategic partners.

Commitment to Defence: Applauding the defense forces and emphasizing Pakistani unity and pride.

Army Chief says this day reminds us of the spirit behind the creation of this country, “Pakistan ka matlab kia - La illaha Illalah” which was rooted in the ideology of the Two Nation Theory n Says attempts to drive a wedge between Army and Nation will never succeed n Says he stands here tonight not to define these challenges being confronted, but to give a message of hope to our great nation n This great country is gifted with countless blessings stretching from the Himalayas to the coastal belt, from rocky mountains to green pastures, alluvial plains and expansive deserts.

KAKUL   -  Pakistan Military Academy in Kakul became the focal point of national fervour as Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Syed Asim Munir in a spirited speech addressed the attendees of the Azadi Parade, marking the completion of 76 years of Independence. His speech was an amalgamation of hope, history, and a vision for a resurgent Pakistan.

"Every year, the 14th of August reminds us of the sacrifices and the tireless struggle our forefathers endured," he began, invoking memories of the time when Pakistan's creation was a dream being realized. The COAS’s reference to the powerful slogan, “Pakistan ka matlab kia - La illaha Illalah,” echoed the ideology that founded the nation and highlighted the basis of the Two-Nation Theory.

Drawing attention to the traditions of the nation, COAS Gen Asim Munir praised the enduring spirit of the country's inhabitants. "For 76 years, we have celebrated not just the idea of a nation but the daily embodiment of its values: freedom, equality, and the quest for happiness," he said, emphasizing the importance of remembering and celebrating these ideals daily. The COAS emphatically addressed the contemporary challenges facing Pakistan. With a rapidly changing geopolitical landscape, marked by power contestations, the COAS provided a sobering perspective. He warned those working against the nation's stability, recalling the unwavering words of the Quaid, “There is no power on earth, which can undo Pakistan."

In an era of divisive narratives, COAS General Asim Munir passionately highlighted the Pakistan Army’s unwavering allegiance to the nation. He emphasized unity between the Armed Forces and the people, asserting, "Attempts to create rifts between the Army and the Nation are misguided and will never bear fruit."

He painted a vibrant picture of Pakistan's abundant resources, from the towering Himalayas to the serene coastal belt and the green pastures in the East. This, coupled with a 240-million strong population, predominantly young and aspirational, holds the key to the nation's future. However, the path forward, he highlighted, required adherence to principles: “Faith, Unity, and Discipline are not mere words; they are the foundations upon which Pakistan stands.”

Quoting from the Holy Quran, the COAS instilled hope and urged the populace to remain steadfast. He emphasized the importance of resisting despair and staying resilient, highlighting the challenges faced by many nations before achieving success.

The Kashmir issue found a key mention in the COAS’s address. He lauded the determination of the Kashmiri people and criticized the international community for its silence on Indian excesses in the region. Assuring the Kashmiri people of Pakistan’s unwavering support, he said, “Your struggle for self-determination and freedom is not only rightful but imminent.”

Regions like Khyber Pakhtunka and Balochistan, which have faced the brunt of terrorism, also figured prominently in the speech. The COAS’s words offered solace and determination, ensuring that the menace of terrorism would be eliminated.

Addressing Pakistan’s eastern neighbour, the COAS’s message was clear and resolute. General Syed Asim Munir cautioned against aggressive designs and the perils of being blinded by ambition. “We cherish peace, but our commitment to our sovereignty is absolute,” he warned.

Pakistan’s foreign policy and international relations were also touched upon, as the COAS highlighted the nation’s strong bond with China and the renewed enthusiasm in its relationships with allies like Saudi Arabia, UAE , Türkiye, Qatar, and Iran. He emphasized the nation’s resolve to build and deepen its relationships with partners and friends across the globe. In a poignant conclusion to his address, COAS General Syed Asim Munir addressed the troops, commending them for their discipline and dedication. He reminded them of their sacred duty to the nation and urged them to remain vigilant and prepared. The sentiment of unity resounded as he emphasized, “Our strength lies in our unity. Pakistan is our identity. Remember, if Pakistan exists, so do we.” The Azadi Parade, attended by dignitaries, military officials, and hundreds of proud Pakistanis, served as a reminder of the sacrifices of the past and the hope for a brighter future.

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