Punjab CM to attend main Independence Day event as chief guest

Lahore  -   The main event, to be organised by the Punjab government to mark the 76th Independence Day of Pakistan, is scheduled at Huzuri Bagh today (Monday).

Punjab Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi is set to attend the occasion as the chief guest. During the significant day, the CM would embark on a visit to Mazare- Iqbal, where he would pay his respects by laying wreaths and offering Fateha, said a handout issued here on Sunday.

Notably, the caretaker Chief Minister would hoist the national flag at the Alamgiri Gate of the iconic Shahi Fort, symbolising the spirit of sovereignty. Mohsin Naqvi will also take the stage to address the central gathering, sharing insights and perspectives on the momentous day.

CM greets nation on Independence Day

Caretaker Chief Minister Punjab Mohsin Naqvi has extended heartfelt congratulations to the nation on the occasion of the 76th Independence Day.

In his message, released on Sunday, he expressed his warm felicitations to all fellow countrymen on the significant day. He acknowledged the immense blessing of freedom and expressed gratitude to Allah Almighty for enabling the countrymen to breathe in the world as a sovereign nation.

The chief minister underscored the need to comprehend and uphold the intrinsic worth and honor of a nation that is free. He payed tribute to the countless Muslims who dedicated their lives to kindle the flame of liberation, as well as the venerable forebears of our liberated land.

Paying homage to the unparalleled valour of those who laid down their lives during the Pakistan Movement, he emphasised the significance of their sacrifice in pursuit of a peaceful nation.

The CM called for introspection and learning from the past experiences to chart a promising path forward. He stressed the imperative of adhering to the tenets of faith, unity, and organisation, with each individual playing an integral role in the nation’s advancement.

Mohsin Naqvi asserted that the shared responsibility of bequeathing a harmonious, robust, and flourishing Pakistan to the forthcoming generations. He underscored the pivotal role of exemplary unity and solidarity in confronting the challenges that lie ahead. Confidently, he envisioned a radiant future for Pakistan and emphasised that, through the benevolence of Allah Almighty, the Pakistani nation would triumph over every obstacle. He called upon all citizens to renew their commitment to prioritise the nation’s growth over personal interests and collaboratively elevate the stature of Pakistan.

CM not satisfied with facilities at General Hospital

Punjab Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi made another visit to the General Hospital here on Sunday.

In a recurring issue, most of the hospital’s wards still lacked functioning air-conditioning, leaving attendants to resort to using hand fans to cool down their patients. The condition of the washrooms was deplorable and the sanitation arrangements were inadequate, leading the patients and their caregivers to voice their grievances to the CM.

Expressing his displeasure at the state of the hospital, the chief minister promptly issued orders for Provincial Minister Specialised Healthcare Dr Javed Akram, Secretary Health, Principal General Hospital and the Medical Superintendent to immediately attend to the hospital’s pressing matters. He lamented that despite clear instructions, the air conditioning units remained unrepaired, resulting in the suffering of the patients from heat and exhaustion.

During the visit, the CM meticulously inspected various wards and engaged with both patients and doctors. He inquired about the available treatment facilities and the status of the air-conditioning systems. The patients and medical staff alike shared concerns about it.

Mohsin Naqvi summoned Provincial Minister Dr. Javed Akram, Health Secretary, and the Principal to promptly address the patients’ grievances and rectify the situation.

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