Skardu airport welcomes first international flight from Dubai

In a historic moment, the first international flight from Dubai touched down at Skardu airport on Monday.

With 79 passengers on board, the PK-234 flight departed Dubai at 4:15 am and made a successful landing at Skardu International Airport four hours and thirty minutes later.

Upon arrival at the airport, the plane was greeted by a water cannon display, and the passengers were given bouquets.

Chief Secretary of Gilgit-Baltistan Mohyuddin Ahmed Wani called the development "an historic moment." He claimed in a statement released today that the start of international flights to Skardu would create new travel opportunities and link the area to the rest of the world.

He continued, "It's a fantastic step towards promoting tourism and improving the region's connectivity."

Separately, on August 14, Pakistan's 76th Independence Day, Faisal Niaz Tirmizi, the ambassador of Pakistan to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), expressed happiness as the first international flight from Dubai took off for Skardu.

He commended the Ministry of Civil Aviation and the GB administration for their assistance to make "this historic flight a reality" and urged travellers to document and share Pakistan's beauty through visual stories.

Ambassador Tirmizi continued by stating that today was a crucial step in advancing tourist promotion and fortifying international ties. He continued by saying that the trip to Skardu revealed the fabled Shangrila, opening up Pakistan's splendour to the rest of the globe.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), given its "unique location 7,500 feet above sea level," today was a "momentous occasion."