'The Society' year in review: best of 2021

This show left us all with a big impact - reinforcing that we should never take anything for granted - LIFE INDEED IS A BLESSING! 

Famed TV Presenter Fatima Shaheen’s Talk Show “The Society” at PTV World which has been streaming for some time now is the perfect example of “constructive” & “meaningful” work being done in Pakistan’s traditional TV Industry today!

Although we watched the show soaring high throughout – these three episodes, loomed the largest!

Here are, our BEST picks for “The Society” in Year 2021:

Show on Changing Lifestyle, Fitness & Health Trends in Pakistan: 

This show was indeed a must watch for all the health freaks out there! Former Health Minister Muhammad Nasir Khan alongside eminent cardiologist Prof Dr Nauman Naseer and our very own Jack Silvanus discussed the need for a adopting a healthy lifestyle not only during the COVID-19 pandemic but long term too, especially since heart disease is now the leading cause of death worldwide.

100 marks for Dr Nauman’s round up on how to live a heart healthy lifestyle! From him we learned, that TO “lead a healthy, happy life --we need to start loving our heart TODAY!”

Show on How Music Impacts Popular Culture & Society:

Where many of 90s musicians today may have lost their charm, Ali Noor’s candid interview to Fatima in this show left us all enthralled! The conversation was honest, mature and REAL ---we loved the interview rapport between the host and the guest; Fatima’s calm demeanor in posing the incisive questions & Ali’s quick-witted dissent and astute answers, made the show engaging & delightful to watch!

We would love to see more of such GENUINE conversations happening on Talk Shows more! Perhaps a Part II of the same interview...!

Show on Societal Attitudes, Perceptions & Challenges in fighting Breast Cancer in Pakistan:

In a society like ours’, where many still shy to talk about Breast Cancer …we are completely in awe of the brave account put forward by Breast Cancer Survivor, Zurqa Anees in this show of ‘The Society’! Sara Shahid’s firsthand account of how families’ of breast cancer patients are not only psychologically impacted but how they may be socially outcast too because of this disease, reminds us to never stop counting one’s blessings! 

This show left us all with a big impact –reinforcing that we should never take anything for granted—LIFE INDEED IS A BLESSING! 

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