No pardon for conspirators, asserts Nawaz

PML-N leader denies any conspiracy against former army and spy chiefs during his tenure n Says he can forgive injustice done to him but can’t ignore injustice done to country n Former PM claims his party will make clean sweep in elections on Feb 8

LAHORE   -  Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) supremo Nawaz Sharif Wednesday said he did not believe in revenge­ful actions but wanted the accountability of those who conspired against the people by ousting him from power. 

“I don’t want to take revenge, but there should be an account­ability of why this hap­pened to the country,” he said while addressing a meeting of the party’s parliamentary board here. Nawaz Sharif stat­ed that while he could personally forgive the injustice done to him, he could not ignore the in­justice done to country and the people. 

Highlighting what he called a conspiracy hatched against Paki­stan, Nawaz Sharif urged the nation to hold ac­countable those involved in the plot against them. “Doing in­justice to the country and the nation should be accounted for. It was such a big conspiracy against this country which has affected 250 million people “, he said, adding that the people of Pakistan have been punished for what happened to him.

He recalled that on October 21, he addressed a rally in Lahore and said he had not come here out of any vengeful spirit. “But one should ask why this was done to this country”. He said the real punishment for what happened to him was meted out to the people of Pakistan.

Nawaz said whatever happened to him and his family members was now the past, but he had no right to pardon those who are the enemy of the people.

Without explicitly naming indi­viduals, he asserted that they in­stituted cases against him which lacked substance and were part of a broader conspiracy against the nation. Nawaz Sharif denied any conspiracy against former army and spy chiefs during his tenure, specifically mentioning Gen (retd) Bajwa, Gen (retd) Faiz Hamid, and Gen (retd) Raheel Sharif. He reit­erated his commitment to public service, citing achievements such as infrastructure development, addressing power shortages, con­ducting nuclear explosions, and enhancing the country’s defense capabilities.

Nawaz said the enemy of Paki­stan’s prosperity was his enemy. “We now have to get this nation out of the torment of inflation”, he said. He voiced his gratitude to Allah for his honorable acquit­tal from false cases, alluding to the attempts to remove him from the prime minister’s seat. Without naming anybody, Nawaz said they wanted to punish him by remov­ing him from the prime minister’s seat, but there was not enough ev­idence in Panama case, so they de­cided to punish him in Iqama. 

He also said that it was unbe­coming of the judges who made remarks like “Sicilian mafia” and “God Father” against him. 

He said there was no substance in the three cases made against him. He said the same judge who gave the verdict against him was appointed as the monitoring judge. He said he had not con­spired against anyone. “I just did public service by building roads, motorways, addressed the issue of power shortage, did nuclear ex­plosions, and strengthened coun­try’s defense.

Reflecting on his time in jail, Nawaz Sharif shared the emotion­al hardship of being denied com­munication with his ailing wife in London. He said despite his re­peated pleas, the jail superinten­dent did not allow him to make a call, saying he had no such per­mission. The former prime minis­ter sadly revealed that he learned of his wife’s passing hours later, underscoring the personal toll of the injustices he faced.

Referring to the upcoming Feb­ruary elections, he anticipated clean sweep victory for the PML-N. Nawaz likened the elections with a Joint Investigation Team (JIT) and a court comprising the people of Pakistan, predicting a historic decision [win]. “On Febru­ary 8th, the largest JIT and court will be formed consisting of the people of Pakistan…. and the peo­ple of Pakistan will give a historic decision”, he said.

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