Love Pakistan and live Pakistan

By: Raazia Syed

Buddies, did you notice that in our normal lives we see some beautiful and amazing things around us. Today I am sharing such unforgettable incident that made me happy and more patriotic.

While I was coming home from office the other day, I saw a sentence written on a car. We complain against our country, unemployment, poverty, bad situation of law and order, load shedding and corruption. We criticize others and grumble against bad governance and entire system.

Instead of realizing the blessing of freedom we don’t work about the better image of our country. We don’t look after our neighbors and waste extra food in our homes.

We try to get admission in good schools but don’t bother to teach single word to a poor child. Did we try to clean our streets, did we help needy people?

And the answer is “No’’. We consider that this is the only responsibility of our government. Now we have two choices, “love Pakistan or leave Pakistan’’.

If we don’t want to solve problems and complaint others then we should better leave this beautiful country but we don’t have any right to dishonor Pakistan.

Published in Young Nation magazine on November 19, 2016

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