Ali Amin Gandapur: A perilous gamble for PTI in KPK

Instead of dwelling on past grievances and settling scores, PTI must shift its entire focus towards delivering tangible progress in KPK

In a political landscape marked by intrigue and maneuvering, Imran Khan's recent decision to nominate Ali Amin Gandapur as the Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) stands out as a gamble with potentially dire consequences for PTI's prospects in the region.

The 2024 election in KPK was marred by political repression, where sympathy votes played a pivotal role. It was not a mandate based on performance or merit but rather a reflection of the electorate's frustration and grievances. By nominating Gandapur, Khan seems to have misread the public sentiment, opting for a symbolic gesture over substantive governance.

Gandapur's political track record and demeanor evoke concerns of a potential "Buzdar effect" in KPK, akin to the much-criticized governance style witnessed in Punjab under Usman Buzdar. This raises fears of a regression in governance standards and a further erosion of PTI's credibility in the eyes of the electorate.

Moreover, Gandapur's reputation for prioritizing revenge over delivery adds another layer of apprehension. Instead of focusing on developmental agendas and addressing the pressing needs of the people, there are concerns that Gandapur's tenure may be marked by settling political scores and consolidating power.

In a region desperate for progress and stability, the appointment of Gandapur risks shifting the focus from development to vendettas, with potential consequences for PTI's image and effectiveness. The electorate in KPK deserves leadership that is committed to their welfare and progress, not to political gamesmanship and power struggles.

Imran Khan's decision overlooks the opportunity to nominate a more capable and deserving candidate for the chief minister position. By prioritizing political expediency over merit, Khan not only undermines PTI's credibility but also jeopardizes the party's stronghold in KPK for future elections.

KPK could have served as PTI's bastion for the next election cycle, providing a platform for showcasing tangible progress and garnering genuine support. However, with the appointment of Gandapur, PTI risks alienating its base and losing its foothold in the region, especially when sympathy votes may no longer be a factor in future elections.

In conclusion, Imran Khan's nomination of Ali Amin Gandapur for KPK Chief Minister represents a perilous gamble for PTI, one that prioritizes political calculations over effective governance and long-term strategic planning. Unless corrective measures are taken, PTI's prospects in KPK hang in the balance, with potentially far-reaching consequences for the party's future trajectory.

Imran Khan must acknowledge the past but prioritize the future. Instead of dwelling on past grievances and settling scores, PTI must shift its entire focus towards delivering tangible progress in KPK. Despite previous terms in government failing to leave a significant impact on the province, PTI has once again secured an unpredictable and unprecedented winning record in KPK. However, relying solely on sympathy and rhetoric will yield short-term gains at best. If PTI aims to dominate the region and rise again to the national level, it must set a record of making substantial progress in KPK this time around. By prioritizing governance over politics, PTI can win the trust and support of the electorate, ensuring its long-term success and relevance in KPK and beyond.

The writer is a graduate in International Relations. He is an aficionado of Allama Muhammad Iqbal's poetry and philosophy. He can be reached at

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