In the pursuit of knowledge, my dream journey to China

I must appreciate the Chinese Government how they controlled this mysterious Virus with devotion and dedication.

I have been hearing since my childhood, but never thought that my biggest dream which was to study in China will come true especially when you belong to a middle-class family that Is even unbelievable thing to dream high.

I clearly remember when President Xi Jinping visited Pakistan on 20th April 2015, and I was so glad  when I heard the news because Pak-China friendship always been referred as, “Higher than the heights of Himalayas and deeper than the depths of Arabian Sea.” Therefore, it was a very proud moment for me being a Pakistani. President Xi Jinping emphasized that China and Pakistan are all-weather strategic partners with a fine tradition of mutual assistance. 

Before coming to China, I had read so many articles regarding Chinese history and I always think that every nation must learn from their glorious history. 

During this period of pandemic, the bond of friendship further strengthened. Ever since the outbreak of COVID-19, Pakistan immediately spoke out in support of China, donated precious supplies despite needs at home, and maintained all normal exchanges between the two countries. Prime minister of Pakistan,  Imran Khan, said that “China's effective prevention and control efforts have curbed the spread of the virus globally the whole world appreciates and commends China for its response and that no other country could have done better than China”

There is a quote that Pakistan-China friendship “is sweeter than the sweetest honey in this world”.

Li Keqiang, a Chinese politician, said “when it comes to Pakistan, the first word that comes to the mind of the Chinese, 'iron brother', Pakistan is always a trustworthy friend who is as solid as iron. Chinese citizens refer to Pakistan as 'Iron Pak'. This testifies to the strength of China-Pakistan friendship”

When I arrived in China, I realized that Chinese people are very much helping, caring, and loving. They do not think you are from another country. If you give them respect and love, they will not only reciprocate but double it. When we go to another country leaving behind family and friends; we miss everyone but if we find comfortable environment, then there are more chances for adapting easily. Similarly, I miss my family, a lot but now I feel like China is my second home.

Besides, I learned so many good things while living in China. Recently, one of the biggest examples is that the world saw how they controlled virus and saved us. That is remarkable, thank you for taking care of us!

And here I want to share my own experience in Covid-19 period, I landed a few months ago in China that was shocking for me how it can happen in the life all sudden. Semester ended we all were happy just got free from our exam, Chinese students were going back to their hometowns, seems like everything was normal. After a few days, I woke up and heard when university closed shops my friend called me and said, “things are serious”. 

This invisible virus called COVID-19 I heard for the very first time having no experience with pandemics and at sudden, all disappeared no shops, no people only empty roads. I became afraid because I have not gone through anything like that before. However, over time, I found ways to deal with the pressure. I realized that lockdown gave me more time to the things I loved, hobbies that had been previously swamped by schoolwork I started writing articles just to make myself busy, and while writing I realized it was the best way to heal myself from such kind of situation. Every morning from my room’s window the view of empty roads was heart-breaking and killing me inside day by day. My family was worried about me, but I always pretend to be happy and relaxed try to convince them I am fine. My family was forcing me to come back, as my friends from other countries were going back to save their lives, but I believed everything will be fine soon.

Almost a month later, I feel so much better. I understand how difficult this must be, but it is important to remember that none of us is alone. No matter how scared, or trapped, or alone you feel, things can only get better. Take time to revisit the things you love and remember that all of this will eventually pass.

And soon things get back to normal; I must appreciate the Chinese Government how they controlled this mysterious Virus with devotion and dedication and of course, Chinese People followed their Government and believed as well.

As the world is still struggling and fighting Covid-19, China has managed to control the virus effectively and saved people lives without dropping its economy I would like to congratulate China’s Communist Party on their “extraordinary success”.

The writer is a student in China

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