The successor to the political legacy of Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto- Bilawal- took charge as the chairman of the Pakistan People’s Party in 2007 after the assassination of the Ex-prime minister Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto. Under the supervision of the perceptive and well-read politician Mr Asif Ali Zardari, Bilawal Bhutto officially joined in 2012 and since has been dealing with party matters. Bilawal stated in his early interviews about fostering the views of his mother and continue working for the base of Peoples Party Pakistan, “Roti, Kapra and Makan.” The young chairperson of the Pakistan People’s party brought energetic, talented, and experienced people who understand ground level politics and can uplift the youth. 

PPP has maneuvered its way despite all the negative perception created by the media and establishment. Their progress reflects in the recent elections held in Lahore and KPK that has demonstrated how PPP has been constantly working on the revival of the party in Punjab, KPK and other provinces under the leadership of the Bilawal Bhutto. The protests held against the increased prices of goods and strict tax regulations imposed under the terms and condition of the IMF has serious implication on common people. Such rise of mafia under the nose of PM Imran khan has shown the incompetency of our finance ministers and cabinet. Therefore, as opposition Bilawal Bhutto has been continuously raising concerns on these issues to highlight it in publicly. While protests are peaceful and no loss of property or other damages have been made which must be appreciated that Bilawal Bhutto believes in peaceful politics and would not allow any misconduct under his supervision. “Peace is not absence of conflict; it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means” therefore people have been supporting this protest and are starting to believe in this new light which can help them in reviving this nation left in vain. 

The Political heir has been growing progressively and has shown his maturity recently in the joint campaign of PDM by holding the resignations which could have sent off the PTI Government by forcing to dissolve assemblies. He also stepped back from bashing and abusing the top army officials and stood firmly without supporting any anti-democratic act. Despite this PPP has not let the PTI Government settle down with their incompetency by pointing out the flaws. 

His accomplishments extend far beyond politics, where he has advocated for the promotion of youth development programs at provincial level. Recently, the youth developmental organization proposed the establishment of interest-free loans, youth capital funds, life skills, and the reinforcement of youth and students in local government through the formation of student unions inside universities and colleges. A joint committee will be formed in which departments from health, education, agriculture, Sindh Technical Education & Vocational Training Authority (STEVTA), and the SMBB Young Development program would collaborate to provide trainings, awareness, and entrepreneurial opportunities to Sindh’s youth. 

Other than the educational sector, his achievements in health sector have been significant. The Commencement of Gumbat Hospital for lever transplant is a state-of-the-art facility in Pakistan with over record breaking 550 plus liver transplants since 2016. Among the marvels that took place under reign of Bilawal Bhutto is the free treatment of cancer patients by Cyber knife in Jinnah Postgraduate 

Medical Center JPMC which can cost around $60,000 in the US are some wonders that took place under the rule of the youth activist Bilawal Bhutto. This has made evident that Pakistan’s new hope lies in Bilawal Bhutto as his capabilities are unrivalled regardless of the limited resources available, the Sindh Government has managed it impeccably. 

Being from this modern era he understands that women empowerment is necessary therefore Mrs. Shehla Raza Minister of Women Empowerment has been working with UN Women to provide support to women at all levels. They also initiated Women Economic Empowerment in collaboration with UN Women & Home NET which shall provide women startups, entrepreneur’s links in business development, safe work environments regulations, and higher employment to women. This shall uplift the graph of women growth in Sindh. Irum Khalid special assistant to CM Sindh also launched a helpline for women protection who face issues on harassment and domestic abuse. Sindh also distributed kitchen gardening kits to households and farmers and monitored health of women and children in the rural areas. As Quaid-e-Azam stated “No nation can rise to the height of glory unless your women are side by side with you “. 

As we see Pakistan’s economic and political status, we can compare it with 1971 when Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto chairmen Pakistan People’s party took charge after martial law in Pakistan. When Pakistan suffered from Indo Pak war and recent separation of the East Pakistan into Bangladesh. 



It was facing severe socio-economic and political conditions when Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto responsibly controlled the circumstances and made it favorable for Pakistan. Similarly, the way Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto fought for the progress, prosperity and welfare of the nation is remarkable. She believed in democracy and civilian rule therefore she had to elegantly deal with the core issues that were unemployment, deep rooted illiteracy, and bankruptcy after the tenure of Zia-Ul-Haq. Unfortunately, after her assassination Party stumbled with no one from Bhutto family to take charge, this is when Mr. Asif Ali Zardari bravely took responsibility of the party and participated in the elections of 2008 to become president of Pakistan. While terrorism was on peak, he took action and minimized it. The initiation of CPEC is also a markable achievement by Asif Ali Zardari which has benefited Pakistan in improving relations with China, providing opened window for thousands of opportunities all over Pakistan. As of now Pakistan is currently facing economic crisis and all-time elevated prices on oil, gas, and other commodities with exceptionally high taxes. Assertions made by Imran khan before being elected as Prime minister turned out far from reality. Their weak administration failed to take charge of the economic challenges while making Pakistan suffer under their democracy. Where spread of COVID-19 pandemic was a shock to the world the inflation rates in India and Bangladesh were bordering at 5 % it raised to 9 % in Pakistan. 

His political maturity and respect for his people can be affirmed by how he visited Quetta on priority to condole the families of the victims of terrorism. Not just martyrs but Bilawal Bhutto has shown respect for women inside his cabinet, opposition leaders like Maryam Nawaz by not speaking about their personal life and speaking in favor of her in the National Assembly against her arrest by NAB. Regardless Bilawal Bhutto seems to be the hope who can work on the ideology of Pakistan with a futuristic approach and help in retaining the situation of the country. As we look forward Bilawal Bhutto seems to be taking oppositions driving seat, he is the only political leader who has announced an anti-government Long March from Karachi to Islamabad. By such announcement Bilawal Bhutto has become peoples 

voice, the dishearten nation needs such strong voice against PTI’s government and its policies, so as we say New Year comes with New Hopes for the Nation as “Bilawal is the only Hope.”