Monsoon may bring seasonal diseases

ISLAMABAD With the start of Monsoon season and the recent rain spell this week, the fear of outbreak of seasonal diseases, especially water-borne, in twin cities has increased manifolds. Especially, people living in the low lying areas and those living in slums are more vulnerable to fall prey to these viruses. In the absence of proper drainage system, especially in down town Rawalpindi rain- water pooled on the roads and streets increasing the chances of the outbreak of the water borne diseases. In every summer season the cases of water-borne disease increases and hospitals in twin cities have already receiving gastroentites patients, but the heavy rain spell would contribute a lot in activating the viruses that causes water borne-diseases. This is the most suitable season for the viruses that causes water-born diseases to grow fast specially the rota-virus and poliovirus becomes very active in this season, said Dr Waseem Khawaja Director Out Door Patients Department, Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS). The areas affected with rainy water specially those in Rawalpindi are in much danger of being exposed to the diseases, as there is no proper system to drain out the contaminated water in the residential areas, he added. He opined that there are many chances that diseases like gastrietities, malaria, skin infection typhoid, paratyphoid polio virus stomach worms, diarrhoea can spread and a large number of people living near the effected areas can be exposed to such diseases. Every day around 100 patients suffering from diarrhoeal diseases are visiting PIMS, and during last six month around 10,000 paints were treated, he continued. He said sunstroke cases are also being reported, as rise in mercury is badly affecting people special those who work in open sky. He advised people not to eat food being sold openly and to use water as much as possible and try to stay at homes during daytime. According to another health expert eighty percent cases of diarrhoea and food poisoning are caused by rotavirus and to cure it, doctors should not prescribe antibiotic to the patients, as it can further worsen patients situation.

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