Karachi the city of Quaid-i-Azam is burning. I am very much sad for the last 72 hours. Some 102 people have been killed just in the last 3 days. The Sindh coalition government, Sindh Police and other law enforcement agencies have failed to protect and provide security to the citizens of Karachi. Karachi is my birth place and the same city where I received my education till high school/Intermediate Level. On Thursday night when I was at Stadium Road I noticed people on streets who were in a hurry to reach their homes as they were very much tense and I also felt the chaos in the city because of the law and order situation. When I reached home I switched to the news channel and saw that some 10people had been killed as gunmenopened fire with their machine gunon twobuses in Banaras. Finally,everybody was telling each other in offices, markets and some other public places that tomorrow is going to be a strike in the city so it would be better if we buy food items and fill the fuel tank of car because who knows what will happen tomorrow? And that prediction proved to be true as I witnessed transport and business in Karachi totally paralyzed. What kind of life is this and what is the future of this city? I have recently enrolled myself for University education in Business Studies at a good ranking University in London, UK. Earlier my plan was to complete my degree and then come back to Karachi and start some business so I could do something positively for the city and the country in Education and Health sectors but now after witnessing such killing spree I am not sure about my future whether I will come back or not because if there is no value of human life then there is no use living in this country. If the situation becomes normal I will definitely return because I love my city and my beloved country Pakistan. I do care about my country and I really want to see Karachi progressing and thriving like any other metropolitan city of the world such as New York, Hong Kong, Singapore or Dubai. If we the people get united and stop playing in the hands of these so-called political parties we can make our city Singapore or even Dubai. But for that we have to start and work at the national level. First, we have to be united and then we must contribute whatever we can in our own capacities for the betterment of this city. Whenever I go somewhere in Karachi I see flags of different political parties especially MQM, PPP and ANP at apartments and other buildings in the city, but I dont see the national flag. Where is the flag of Pakistan I wonder? I request every citizen whether he is a Pathan/Pashtoon, Muhajir, Sindhi, Balochi or Punjabi that we should always respect our country and its flag and we must replace all the political parties flags with Pakistans flag and it would only be then that we can get together for any national cause. Otherwise we will always be divided. I am really very sorry Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah that even after 63 years we are still far away from Unity, Faith and Discipline. I condole with all the families who have lost their loved ones and dear ones. May Allah the Almighty bless our Karachi with love and peace Ameen. WAQAS AHMED KHAN, Karachi, July 9.