The Punjab Government is all set to officially launch the Yellow Cabs Scheme for the educated youth with 40 percent quota reserved for the Southern Punjab. What is particularly interesting to me is that this scheme is not limited to the males only but women are equally entitled to apply for the yellow cabs; and this is the most beneficial part. Now, there is a hope that women can use this vehicle for their own welfare and earn money. I think the time has come that womenfolk should also enter into the otherwise male dominated domain of taxi driving in Pakistan and show to the world that Pakistans women are equally competent and professional. I am, therefore, thankful to Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif for making it a gender-balanced project. Even more, the Punjab Government is also going to provide life insurance facility for the drivers besides arranging insurance for the yellow cabs. It is good to note that the 20 thousands yellow cabs to be provided to the deserving youth through balloting will also be installed with state of the art trackers so that the stolen vehicles could be tracked well in time. I hope these yellow cabs will ensure peaceful journey for the commuters as rickety Rickshaws are too noisy to travel. I earnestly appeal to the jobless girls to come forward and apply for these yellow cabs. Instead of running after petty government jobs, our girls should also think of becoming commercial drivers as this profession can give an honorable living to the economically-deprived women. I am hopeful that our society will also accept the women as commercial drivers. We need to ensure conducive atmosphere to the working women as its their basic right. In many parts of South Asia women also drive bikes and motorcycles; and there is no shame in it. Its good that they are self-dependent. Maybe our women yellow cab drivers can help to promote international soft image of Pakistan and give the strong message to the international tourists that we are a gender sensitive nation.But for that, strong commitment and sincerity is a must. QUDRAT ULLAH, Lahore, July 13.