ISLAMABAD - Initial tacit contacts between the ruling PPP and the opposition party PML-N for a productive cooperation did not bear fruits, as none of the main political players are ready to give in their positions.Well-placed political sources told The Nation on Friday that the latest engagement to chalk out a mutually acceptable political road map did not go well, as the PPP top leadership is adamant to accept PML-N’s demand for writing a letter to the Swiss authorities and holding general election latest by October.Sources said Federal Minister Syed Khursheed Shah, on the directives of President Asif Ali Zardari, held a series of talks with PML-N leader Senator Ishaq Dar to discuss the future roadmap leading to general elections. However, the discussions witnessed a stalemate, as both the sides were not ready to budge from their positions.Sources said the PML-N was disappointed when the PPP turned down its demands aimed at a smooth transition of power by holding early general elections in the country.Sources in the PML-N maintained that they had advised the ruling party to write letter to the Swiss authorities and hold general elections this year if it wanted smooth transition. However, the PPP leadership was not ready to change its position over reopening the money-laundering case against President Zardari.Likewise, the PPP remains steadfast to complete its mandated five-year term, thus leaving the question of negotiating an interim set up for the time being, which disappointed the PML-N, sources added.The PML-N, sources said, had also offered the ruling PPP its total cooperation for unanimously passing the new accountability bill pending in the National Assembly for more than four and a half years.On the other hand, President Zardari, who is also co-chairman of the PPP, directed his loyalist intermediary to break communications with the PML-N.Zardari widely considered an excellent exponent of wheeling and dealing while using his ultra-acumen has always been keeping a balance to make political decisions.On one hand, he has been using the opposition party under the PPP’s national reconciliation policy whenever deemed essential, while on other, he always managed to satisfy the coalition partners.However, sources in other parliamentary parties believed that the ruling PPP would not be able to complete its mandated term and eventually give in to the demand for early elections to steer out the country from prevailing political and economic challenges.“This time round, the PPP may not be in position to get elected its new prime minister smoothly in case the apex court removes the incumbent premier Raja Pervaiz Ashraf for noncompliance of its orders,” sources said.They were of the view that the important allies, including the PML-Q and MQM, might not go along with the main coalition partner, if the PPP leadership opted for confrontational course with the apex court.In such a situation, the PPP, instead of putting at stake the fate of democracy, would opt to seeking a mandate by holding early elections.