British Council exhibits ‘Drawing Words’

LAHORE - The British Council exhibited the UK illustrators’ work about children books titled ‘Drawing Words’ on Saturday at British Council Library section. 

The exhibition is curated by award-winning artist, writer and Children’s Laureate, Lauren Child, and designed by the Etcetera Studio with graphic design by Regular Practice.

Ten illustrators exhibited in this show are all skilled artists who draw and paint beautifully.

British Council Deputy Director Mark Crossey praised the efforts of illustrators.

Lauren Child in a message said: “The title for this show is in one sense deceptive in its simplicity. Drawing Words is about drawing the meaning beyond the words, conjuring emotion and atmosphere, creating a visual word you can understand at a glance or decipher over time”.

Lauren who is best known for her book ‘Charlie and Lola picture books’, said, “Illustrators seek the meaning contained in the words and beyond the words. The more you look the more you see, the more you see the more you understand. 

10 illustrators show their skills 

Lauren said illustration was widely misunderstood and there was belief that the purpose of illustration was secondary, merely there to represent the words in pectoral form, as if the images were figures in a textbook.

She is the author of multiple illustration books including Addy the Baddy (1993), Stand Up for Yourself! (1996), the Complete Poetical Works of Phoebe Flood (1997), Dream On, Daisy! (2001), I’d Like a Little Word, Leonie (2001) and Just You Wait, Winona (2001).

One of the illustrators Yasmin Ismail shared, “When an idea arrives there is flurry of activity as I a scrabble to write and draw simultaneously. I must translate the idea onto the page before it slips out of my brain. Its touch and go. Many stories have been lost as a result of a broken pencil”.


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