Mardan - All Pakistan Clerks’ Association (APCA) central general secretary Aurangzeb Kashmiri on Wednesday strongly criticised the provincial government for pension deduction and approval of the law to give pension to one of the spouses.

Taling to media persons, he said: “The provincial government should deduct the expenses of the cabinet and members of the provincial assembly.” Aurangzeb Kashmiri claimed that the present government wants to abolish the pensions of the government employees through various manoeuvres.

He said the present provincial government has turned government employees and institutions into laboratories and in the cycle of making government institutions profitable, they have been led to loss and destruction.

He said that instead of giving relief to government employees the government has deprived them of pensions and other facilities.

He added that the provincial minister and members of provincial assembly have increased their salaries and other allowances while they are abolishing the pension and other allowances of government employees.