ISLAMABAD - Pakistan achieved another diplomatic milestone at the UN General Assembly by blocking an Indian attempt to be eligible for UN Security Council (UNSC) permanent position as part of the group-4.

India through its group at the UN G-4, comprising Brazil, India, Germany and Japan was lobbying for expansion in the UN most powerful body Security Council. G-4 members support each other’s bids for permanent seats at UNSC. All these countries want to be in the UNSC. A top Pakistani diplomatic source said entry of these countries into UNSC is simply not possible with two-third support by the UNGA which this group does not have.

Due to Pakistan’s diplomatic efforts, a resolution has been adopted by UNGA concerning the question of equitable representation on an increase in the membership of the UNSC and other matters related to it, and commitment of the heads of the state and government representing the people of the world to instil new life in the discussions on reforms of the UNSC.

Diplomatic sources termed the adoption of this resolution as an endorsement of Pakistan’s stance for continuing the dialogue on the UNSC expansion. Pakistan as member of the  ‘group of consensus’ suggested before the   UNGA that there should be more seats for security council but for two to three years  and not  on  permanent basis,   having two seats   each for  Africa , Asia   and Latin America .   UFC, nicknamed the Coffee Club, at the UN is a diplomatic move that developed in opposition to the possible expansion of permanent seats in the United Nations Security Council. Under the leadership of Italy, Pakistan is an active member of Uniting for Consensus (UFC). The group consist of Italy, Pakistan, Columbia, Turkey, Spain, EU, Malta, Argentina, Mexico, South Korea, and San Marino.

UNGA adopts resolution concerning equitable representation on increasing UNSC membership

The UFC aims to counter the bids for permanent seats proposed by G4 nations   and is calling for a consensus before any decision is reached on the form and size of the UNSC.

Diplomatic sources told The Nation that Pakistan   convinced the world body that India does not qualify to be a UNSC member because of its worst human rights violations and violations of the UN Security Council resolutions, therefore it should not be considered for the race.

Sources said interestingly, the United States also did not support G-4 of which India is also part for their candidature for UNSC membership.

Pakistani diplomatic sources said that the US wanted to favour G-4 but without veto powers which is not acceptable for G-4.

Pakistani diplomatic sources also made it clear to the world body that India and Japan in Asia, if given the permanent membership of the UNSC, cannot represent Pakistan in any way.

Pakistani sources said Pakistan as part of the UFC group is eligible for UNSC membership as its largest UN peacekeeping contributor which has been recognised by the UNGA.

Pakistan also convinced UNGA that under UN Charter, any country which has the worst record for peace and security cannot be considered for UNSC permanent members and India truly falls in such a category.