Major water channel completed in Khyber

Khyber  -   A local welfare organization, in collaboration with the district administration, has completed construction of an irrigation channel for the residents of Khais Qillah in the lower Tirah valley of the Khyber tribal district.

With the support of CRA North, a two-kilometre-long water channel has been completed in the Khais Qillah area, specifically in the Kukikhel tribe. The project’s objective is to significantly enhance water management and the irrigation system in the region, thereby benefiting numerous communities in the surrounding areas.

The opening ceremony of the newly constructed water channel was attended by Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Hasan from Tirah Rifle Wing 213, Ziaur Rehman, the Community Resilience Activity Officer, and local elders. This lifeline of a water channel will serve the agricultural communities by providing them with a constant and reliable water supply.

During the ceremony, Lt Col Muhammad Hasan, the chief guest, expressed gratitude to CRA North for their generous funding and emphasized the government’s commitment to promoting sustainable development in the region.

He highlighted that this major infrastructure project is expected to increase agricultural productivity and uplift the overall socio-economic status of the region. Zia-ur-Rehman, the CRA official, praised the local communities for their patience and cooperation throughout the construction phase. He emphasized that the water channel will have a significant impact on the region’s agriculture, empowering farmers and fostering economic development.

Additionally, Zia-ur-Rehman mentioned that 50 young and elderly individuals have received training on social cohesion as part of Phase-1, to enhance economic reintegration and social cohesion among former TDPs in the Rajgal Valley.

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