150 nationalist workers still in custody of agencies, says Sarki

KARACHI - Chief of Jeay Sindh Tehreek, Dr Safdar Sarki on Wednesday claimed that at least 150 nationalist workers were currently in the custody of intelligence agencies as missing persons. Addressing a press conference at Karachi Press Club, Dr Sarki, who spent most of his life in the USA, said the parents of missing persons were staging protests to get clue of their beloveds, who have been missing since several months or years, but no one ready to give them assurance about the whereabouts of their loved-ones.He further said that police and rangers were conducting raids on the houses of political workers in every city and towns of the province and arresting the nationalist workers.He condemned the demand of so-called Mohajir province and alleged that establishment was behind this campaign.Now the seeds of differences, which was planted through artificial riots in 1988, has been vanished and the indigenous Sindhi and Urdu speaking Sindhi are living with love in the province but establishment does not digest it, so it has conspired to divide them through creating differences on ethnic basis, nationalist leader alleged, blaming that some Sindhi nationalist leaders and some of Mohajirs are being used as tools in this game.Without naming any nationalist party, Dr Sarki said that the extremist mind-set from both sides in Sindhi nationalists and Urdu speaking leading to divide and create differences among the two communities on ethnic basis, which may lead to the situation, arose in 1988, wherein killings of people from both sides took place under a plot.  He appealed the Urdu speaking peoples to come forward and play positive role to avoid such conspiracies. Dr Sarki declared that the people who came in the Sindh before 1954 are Sindhi and enjoying equal rights like indigenous Sindhi.  He criticised the PPP and MQM and alleged that both the parties’ interest is to remain in power. He added that PPP and MQM did nothing for the people of Sindh.Nationalist leader while opposing the government’s project of Zulfiqarabad in Thatta district said that people from other provinces will replace the locals in the minority.He raised the question that 500 cities and towns of the province are deprived of basic facilities and the PPP government is not diverting resources to provide infrastructure there.He termed the Zulfiqarabad city project a conspiracy to encroach on the coastal belt of Sindh. The nationalist parties will not let the government to build a city and port namely Zulfiqarabad. 

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