Parliament should be part of debate on talks with TTP: Rabbani

ISLAMABAD - Former chairman Senate and Pakistan People’s Party legislator Mian Raza Rabbani Monday proposed that talks with the banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) needed to be made part of a national debate.

He said that parliament, experts, military commanders who fought against the TTP and civil society should be a part of the debate.

Making peace with the TTP, will have far reaching consequences on the constitutional boundaries of the federation within, on the creation of a parallel justice system, the rule of law and the Constitution, he said in a statement.

His remarks came after the ruling PPP said that parliament should decide all key matters related to talks with the TTP and about mainstreaming the outlawed group.

The two tribal jirgas sent to negotiate with the group cannot be a replacement of the collective wisdom of parliament, Rabbani said.

He said that parliament has always arisen beyond party lines while considering matters of national security, be it the terms of engagement with the US or operations against terrorists in Swat, Khyber and Waziristan.

The ceasefire with the TTP, may have for the moment decreased terrorist attacks by them, but the other group has upped the ante, he added.

The people of Pakistan have the right to decide their future, therefore, let a consensus decision be arrived at through a debate in which parliament leads, he concluded.

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