Irregularity in NTS question paper

On March 9, NTS took a test for the post of Assistant Director in Ministry of Defense, almost 96,000 candidates appeared. However, some question papers were not printed properly. I was one of the candidates who sat for the paper and got to know later that there were 55 questions, instead of the 53, that I saw on my question paper. No one informed the applicants about this error, the invigilators were either uninformed or lacked the will to inform the applicants. It is the height of negligence, as the last five questions had 20 marks each, which would change and effect the grades immensely.
NTS authorities are fervently requested to please look into the matter and mark the answer sheets by taking an average of first three questions starting from 50 to 53 and award average marks for the rest of two questions
Islamabad, March 9.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt