Pakistan is home to many natural lakes including South Asia’s largest Manchar Lake in Sindh, Paristan

Lake in Skardu and Shimshal Lake in Hunza Gilgit-Baltistan

kaghan   -   With seasonal spring flowers start budding amid hide and seek between sun and clouds having moderate to erratic rainfalls over the lofty mountains of Malaka Parbath in Kaghan valley housing an oval shape famous Saiful Malook Lake with crystal greenish-blue water strikes eyes and minds of tourists with a unique sense of ecstasy.

Known for fairytales, the Saiful Malook Lake leaves mesmerizing effects and laps visitors into pipe-dream with fairy world’s thoughts popping up with peace and serenity after entering the natural wonder spreading on 1.06 square miles having 113 feet depth and 3,224 meters height from sea-level following completion of boredom of tedious journey from plain areas of Pakistan to the picturesque Kaghan valley.

Named after Persian Prince Saiful Malook, the lake’s waterfall emanating from nearby glaciers of Malaka Parbath on its northeast leaves enduring effects on the minds and souls of hundreds of thousands of tourists and nature lovers every year.

Mian Muhammad Bakhash, a noted historian and poet in his book ‘Fairytale of Saiful Malook’ has narrated about Prince Saiful Malook and fairy princes Badriul Jamala during his visit to the lake. He explained about the epic romance of Prince Malook when he fell in love with fairy prince Badriul Jamala during his visit to this famous lake of Pakistan.

Besides Saiful Malook, he said the natural beauty of tear-shaped Anso lake being considered the highest lake of Himalaya region with 4,126 meter height of the sea level, Payala lake with 2,895 meters elevation, Payala lake with 3410 meters height Siri lake with 2,590 meters altitude, Dudipatsar lake with 3,800 meters elevation and Dudibach Star lake in Kaghan valley captivate adventure sports enthusiasts.

“Saiful Malook is the identity of Pakistan. I am disappointed to see garbage and polythene bags thrown by visitors at premises of these picturesque lakes,” he said, adding it was the collective responsibility of Kaghan Development Authority (KDA), Wildlife Department and District Administration to ensure and maintain its cleanliness and make it pollution-free.

Muhammad Ali Syed, General Manager, KP Culture and Tourism Authority told APP that Pakistan is home to many natural and manmade lakes and reservoirs including South Asia’s largest Manchar lake which spreads over 260 square kilometres in Sindh province besides the country’s biggest Paristan lake in Skardu and Shimshal lake in Hunza Gilgit Baltistan with 4,272 meters height draw domestic tourists in droves.

He said Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is blessed with around 100 small and big natural, manmade and reservoirs lakes including the world’s 33rd highest natural Lake of Karambar with 4,272 meters height of above sea level and 3.9 kilometre length that could be accessed through Broghal valley in Chitral.

Syed said Swat was going to become tourism capital of the country due to its seven unique features including snow clad mountains peaks, trout fish, river, snowfall, Swat Motorway, waterfalls and lakes. The Swat’s Mahodand Lake with 2,900 meters height at Ushu Valley Kalam carried unique features including brown and rainbow trout and camping besides Spin Khwar and Kundal lakes take tourists into lap of serenity.

Khanpoor Lake in Haripur is most suitable for water sports and paragliding, Tanda dam lake Kohat for ecotourism and Turbela lake Haripur for adventure sports. Muhammad Ali Syed said lakes of small dams including Tanda Kohat, Jalozai Nowshera, Kundal Swabi, Chatri Haripur and Jangza Abbottabad have been selected for development of recreational spots to promote ecotourism.

He said Mohudhand Lake would be converted into a model ecotourism resort with provision of enhanced facilities to tourists there. According to Tourism and Culture Authority officials, a mega project worth Rs99 million was being launched to construct walking tracks, wood boats, huts, parking area, camping pods and others facilitation services at Mahudhand lake.

The small and medium lakes in premises of Mohudhand would be interconnected after construction of small arch bridges that would enhance its natural outlook. It is a three years project with allocation of Rs94 million for fiscal year 2021-22 and practical work would soon start on Mohudhand project.

Besides developing four Integrated Tourism Zones (ITZ) at Mankiyal Swat, Thandyani Abbottabad, Ganol Manshera and Madaklasht Lower Chitral with USD 70 million financial assistance of the World Bank in next three years, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has decided to construct two roads to connect ITZs Mankiyal and Thandyani onward with Swat and Hazara Motorway that would open up these lakes for tourists.

Jeep able tracks in 16 districts mostly in Malakand and Hazara divisions would be constructed with an allocation of Rs500 million to make these lakes accessible for families throughout the year. Similarly, 10 new camping pods in tourism sites would be established where tourists coming to explore these lakes would be provided accommodation.