Opposition’s ‘super over’ has begun and the PTI government keeps dropping catches

ISLAMABAD   -   Pakistan People’s Party yesterday said that govt was trembling amid opposition’s no-trust motion.

At a news conference, Parliamentary Leader of the PPP in the Senate, Senator Sherry Rehman said the government had lost public and parliament’s confidence. “The PTI regime is threatening a constructional crisis. If they can’t keep their offices they are willing to burn Pakistan, its constitution, its democratic system, its people,” she said. She continued, “The panic of losing office and the confidence is causing the govt to spiral into deranged paranoia. We are facing an unending FATF grey listing but their ministers want to blow up everything, including the opposition like “suicide bombers” just like they triggered the crash of our national airline. Highly inappropriate language is being used all round, with no consideration of what the people are going through.”

She said the constitutional neutrality of offices and institutions is being questioned as if the whole country is a zoo full of “animals.” “There is no logic or sanity left in the methods or statements. One day they threaten us with target killings at the highest level, the other day they say they will mobilize their tigers to obstruct constitutional instruments and block MNAs from entering Parliament. It happens nowhere in the world that a sitting Prime Minister engages in such vexing and derogatory language; nor is it ever seen that when the first line of defense, the Army amidst a paramount conference on the Missile Incident reassures of its neutrality, the very definition of the word is changed. To be neutral is not the evil it has been made out to be in spite of its new meaning,” she added.

Speaking of the missile incident, she remarked, “Why it took four days for the gravity of the situation at hand to sink in, the BrahMos supersonic is an atomic missile, just because it was missing its nuclear warhead it was allowed to roam within our territory, not even disputed territory rather in Mian Channu?” “It is not like a small revolver bullet you’re writing off. Missiles have certain systems and there are protocols to be followed. If one deviates from its trajectory they are created to self-destruct, I’m sure the establishment can elaborate on this. However, what can they even say when they themselves have been targeted by the derogatory name calling; this is behavior that is unexpected of even fresh central politicians let alone a sitting Prime Minister. Tabahi Sarkar’s erratic behavior is indicative that they are feeling the heat but, unfortunately, they have decided that they must attempt to burn down the Country alongside,” she said. “It’s best for the PTI government that they refrain from blacklisting themselves from history and realize that the Opposition’s Super Over has begun and the PTI government keeps dropping catches,” she said.

She said to the constant backtracking by the ‘U-turn Sarkar’, the IMF has lost confidence in Pakistan. The united Opposition motioned for a vote of no confidence on the Speaker of the National Assembly, who blatantly endorsed PTI government by claiming that he has the right to block MNAs from partaking in their Constitutional right to vote against the current regime.

“Any such obstruction would not just be in violation of his duties and powers but is also downright unconstitutional.  This on its own renders him unfit to preside over any such session. By saying that the vote of no-confidence is a foreign conspiracy, is he suggesting the PTI government was only in place due to foreign support? If only he were to behave as a ‘janwar’ even if it was just an illusion,” she said. Sherry Rehman said people have lost trust in the PTI government which is now unraveling. The PPP never once in their conduct or behavior overstepped the limits of the law.