History can't be reinterpreted

A friend of mine travelled by train from Bombay-Delhi and then from Delhi-Atari some time back. The sun was about to rise with all its majesty from the East. Scores of people some with utensils full of water and some without them were crouched half-naked in lines after lines along the railway track to ease their bowels, from eating last night lentils. Only after hearing this I realised, the meaning of a remark from one of the heads of the African countries visiting India along with other officials to a lavish spread, a propaganda Jamboree of Shining Indian achievements, which was arranged to lure them for export orders for their countries. The remark, as printed by the Times weekly magazine, was: "How can you call India as 'shining' when 700 million do not have lavatories for its teeming humanity, a basic need." Mr Kuldip Nayar's article published in a local English daily on May 9, 2008 once again tried to be as deceitful as usual by suggesting that history cannot be rewritten but can be reinterpreted." Sir, you have forgotten another phrase of time immemorial that "History always repeats itself." History is that Muslims from their inception in the late 9th century in Indian subcontinent have dominated Hindu's. This is going to be repeated (Inshallah). Pakistan is not only an ideological state based on Immortal Truth where all other man made ideologies pale into insignificance, but also is significant and is our strongest bond of existence because in the face of Godly pronouncements, that there is "No God but one God and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the last of His Prophets." About India as far as peace with its neighbour's is concerned, an eternal and universal phenomenon I would like to remind you a quote of our Great Quaid: "We want peace within and peace without but on equal terms." Sir, do not confuse the issue of peace and trade. May I remind you that when I met you on your request in a hotel in Lahore which is next to my office just a few days before Pakistan's president was leaving for the Agra Summit, I asked you, "does your country's establishment accept Pakistan as an independent sovereign state?" To my amazement your classic answer was: "No." Therefore, stop pontificating and lecturing whether one or four of our leaders are good or bad. That they should come forward to embrace the Chankian Bania with open arms to trade but at the same time India establish numerous consulates in Afghanistan-Pakistan border towns, thus using diplomatic immunity and in this garb train all sorts of terrorists to blast limbs of Pakistani Muslims. We know how callous the Bania's mentality is. We are also fully aware of your government's espionage coordination through the Jab-el-Siraj facility - one of the largest espionage centres of Central Asia under the watchful eyes of the Nato forces. Stop fooling yourself and stop trying to pull the wool on our nation's eyes through your write-ups. We are fully conscious of Hindu-British sabotage, their joint scheming atrocities at the time of partition. Can we forget the rape of East Pakistan? Can we now ignore the continuous in human treatment of our brethren in the Kashmir turned into Gulag? You cannot befool us by using highflying clichs like "composite dialogue", "status quo" or "confidence building measures." You have taken pride by stating that India has afforded Pakistan the status of "men" but at the same time you are sending us atrociously beaten up corps's of innocent Pakistanis in wooden boxes, with their internal and vital organ's missing, while you expect us to free a confirmed terrorist, Sarbajit Singh, a self-confessed Indian agent in spite of our magnanimous gesture by sending back another terrorist Kashmir Singh who immediately denounced Islam his chosen religion which was a farce in captivity. As you have admitted that all the efforts of the last 60 years have gone down the drain it is high time you stop your baseless propaganda because I assure you that you have tried as much as you could, for a millennium, but nothing fruitful to your liking emerged and will never emerge even in the next millennium. Your government bedevilled and befooled us by signing the disastrous Indus Basin Treaty and loosing control of our three mighty rivers i.e. Sutlej, Bias and Ravi. Your country like a typical Bania is on it even now and is busy trying to steal water from our existing rivers - Jehlum, Chenab, and Indus. You are already building 62 dams and a hydroelectric project in Occupied Kashmir. We are also well aware of your plans that you started. The Indian Northern Canal project which is a US$212 billion project linking Jamna, Bharamputra rivers of East and Sutlej, Bias, Ravi, Jehlum and Chenab. The Indus Water in one of the biggest water project of the world through ICID - a wholly Indian owned subsidiary - in Paris with its head office in New Delhi, established as an NGO in 1950. Sir, we are fully aware of these machinations" and by God we will defend our right share of each and every drop of our waters so that your dream of turning Pakistan into Ethiopia and Somalia will never see the light of day. 

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt