A 15-year-old girl was allegedly abducted in a stampede following a blast in Saddar area of Karachi, the family said in an FIR registered with the police.

The brother of the girl, Yasir, claimed in his FIR that they are residents of Punjab Colony and his mother, wife and sister went shopping and as soon as they were returning, an explosive device went off in Saddar, resulting in a stampede.

“During the stampede, my mother lost consciousness and when she gained her consciousness, she found my sister Sawera missing,” he said while claiming that the girl was abducted by unknown men.

Meanwhile, the police said that they have registered an abduction case against unknown men at Preedy police station.

Previously incidents of girls reported missing have surfaced in Karachi however most of them have later reappeared claiming to have married out of their free will.

Dua Zehra’s family had approached police, hours after she went missing from near her house in Alfalah Town on April 16, and had appealed through a number of channels including a welfare organization for help in finding their daughter.

The Karachi police later claimed to have traced the 14-year-old girl. The police said the girl married a man named Zaheer Ahmed in the Punjab capital, adding that the Lahore police would soon recover the girl and move her to Karachi.