CTD arrests two most wanted terrorists

KARACHI-The Counter-Terrorism Department (CED) on Friday has arrested two trained, most wanted terrorists of Sipah-e-Muhammad Pakistan after an alleged shootout near Manghopir Road, Karachi.
According to the CTD officials, two most wanted terrorists of Sipah-e-Muhammad Pakistan named Agha Hassan and Muhammad Ali Raza Naqvi were arrested after an encounter on midnight. CTD incharge Mazhar Mashwani said other two alleged terrorists as Karrar Hussain and Syed Ausat Ali Rizvi who fled away in the dark. He also confirmed the recovery of weapons from the terrorists.
The terrorists had been declared most wanted by different institutions. Syed Ausat Ali Rizvi was allegedly heading organised sleeper cells, Mashwani added.
He also confirmed that the accused had made revelations about target killing including the assassination of Dr Mehboob. CTD incharge told that the shooters of the sleeper cell were being given Rs25,000 each in a month. Further investigation is underway with the arrested suspects.