PDM will dislodge PTI govt, claims Fazl

KARACHI - Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) Saturday demanded immediate elections in the country with its head Maulana Fazlur Rehman saying that their protest in Karachi was the beginning of an end for the incumbent government.

“We have begun our journey from Karachi and it will culminate at Islamabad, dislodging the incumbent government,” he said while addressing a rally of the opposition alliance sans PPP at Karachi’s Regal Chowk. He said that the PDM was fighting for the survival of the nation as policies of the incumbent government have even deprived masses of their right to live. “We will win this war, and Pakistan will have a government that is truly representative of the people, which will understand the problems faced by the masses. The ones who [were imposed] are not aware of the public’s issues,” Fazl said, while addressing a PDM protest in Karachi.

From youngsters to labourers and from small businesses and industrialists everybody is worried about the future of the country as disappointment is being spread owing to the police of the incumbent government, he said. He said that they have been calling this government incompetent, inept, and disqualified from day one since they have been installed over the masses in 2018.

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“They do not know how to run the government and are running from one door to another with the begging bowl, further causing embarrassment for the nation globally,” Fazlur Rehman said while lamenting aids being sought from Saudi Arabia and China by the government.

He said that the situation has turned so grave that people are committing suicide due to the hike in unprecedented inflation. “People are turning up before the Parliament lodges to sell their children to make their ends meet while today a cop announced to sold his son for Rs50,000,” the PDM head shared.

He said that they had said that the government has been elected with stolen votes and now their policies are proving how fatal their tenure is for the people of the country.

Later addressing the participants of the rally, PML-N vice president Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said that today everyone is worried due to a hike in inflation and it was only because of a government installed through fake votes in 2018. “ PDM’s only demand is to hold free and fair elections in the country immediately,” he said adding that it was the only way forward for the country. He further opposed any unconstitutional change in the country and said that the only way forward is to implement the constitution of Pakistan in its true spirit.

The PDM has ramped up its anti-government protests, with the first of the new wave of protests taking place in Karachi. The next will be held in Quetta on November 17 and in Peshawar on November 20.

“This journey, which has started from Karachi, will continue [...] and we will march to Lahore, and from there, we will go to Islamabad,” Fazl said.

In meetings between various party leaders, such as a day earlier between Fazl and PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and a telephone call today between the JUI-F chief and PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif, the Opposition agreed to step up the pressure on the government.

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