It really hurts me to mention that our protectors have become attackers and looters. There is no doubt that if today we are feeling safe so just because of our defence forces such as, police and army, but unfortunately in the same breathe we sometimes feel unsafe and threatened just because of some corrupt and cruel police officers. Recently, an innocent car driver at one of the checkpoints near Soraab (a place near Chahghi) was beaten and dragged like a slaughtered goat just because he couldn’t give 100 rupees. When he was told to pay 100 rupees as tax as he was passing by a bypass. So he said that he had spent his all money on his car as his car was out of order and damaged. So the policeman first of all searched his pockets when found nothing he started beating him and then the policeman took 10 gallons of petrol as the driver was carrying petrol from Iran after that the driver was threatened that if he would go for complaining against them then they would put the case of carrying illegal items. Is this why they are given the power, so that they misuse it? This is real shameful.

Therefore, I strongly entreat to the DIG, DC, ASI and the other concerned officers of Chahghi to take notice of this terrible act and go for punishing this cruel policeman so that in the future no policeman thinks of using his powers in a wrong way, please!