Adeel Chaudhry: The shining star in ‘Bharosa Pyar Tera’

KARACHI-Pakistan’s TV Industry is definitely one of the stronger realms of our media world – we have performers that truly represent the crux of Pakistani society. And it is often Dramas that make super stars.
Within this competitive market comes a show that makes the audience question the stereotypical portrayal of Gen Y within our Industry.
Drama serial ‘Bharosa Pyar Tera’ brings to its viewers a whirlwind romance, a powerful ensemble cast, consistent performances all tied together neatly with a strong story line.
If there would be one particular element that one would pin point about the Drama – an element that sets the serial apart from the others on screen currently – it would be the wonder that is Adeel Chaudhry
The dimply actor plays the role of Mikaal, a young man who is just returning from the US after studies, his eager family awaits him as he’s dressed in his James Dean-esque denim attire.
All set to slay, he walks into the show at the end of the second episode – just as he walks into the heart of audiences around the country.
Given his rollercoaster like character arc and relationships with fellow actors - Komal Aziz khan, Aliya Ali and Seemi Pasha – it was expected of him to have an adaptable persona.
The heartbreak, loss, pain, love, happiness, freedom and compromise the character faces makes him not only interesting but relatable.
Many young men living in Pakistan can relate to his character at some level. This would go to the credit of the Director Ali Akber and the screenwriter Nuzhat Saman.
A team effort – ‘Bharosa Pyar Tera’ is currently one of the most viewed shows on local television right now.
Mikaal may have waltzed into Momi’s heart, but Adeel has walked straight into the audiences – for he has truly reinvented the role of the archetypical Pakistani Hero in the Drama Industry.

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