MIRPUR (AJK)-Today (Friday) is the 40th consecutive day of conversion of bleeding vale of occupied Kashmir in to the world’s largest prison at the hands of the fascist Modi-led occupational forces”, AJK Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider Khan said.

Addressing mammoth Kashmir Solidarity rally, AJK Prime Minister Farooq Haider while inviting the world attention towards the plight of Kashmiris, said that innocent freedom-monger Kashmiris were besieged in to their houses for past 40 days in the totally-locked down occupied valley.

“Non of the Kashmiris, detained into their houses in the indefinite curfew clamped and communication blockade-riddled Indian - occupied state, is aware of each other including even their blood relations as to how they are passing through the history’s most miserable life under the shadows of the Indian occupying forces guns,” said the AJK PM and warned Indian Prime Minister Narrindra Modi that his fascist and brutal rule can not weaken the morale of Kashmiris. Farooq Haider said that the supreme sacrifices of lives given by Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA)and his companions – the martyrs of Karbala teaches us the lesson of standing against brutality and injustice come what may. The AJK Prime Minister vowed that people of Jammu & Kashmir state would continue standing against Indian brutalities and history’s worst reign of state terrorism and violence unless they were granted their birth right to self determination and liberation of the homeland from India’s long forced and unlawful rule.

The mass public rally was also addressed among others by Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan, Foreign affairs minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi and Kashmir Affairs Minister Ali Amin Gandapur. AJK Prime Minister said that entire political leadership of Azad Jammu & Kashmir was on one page vis a vis the prevailing Kashmir situation. He said that people of Azad Jammu & Kashmir intended to break the shackle of the line of control – which, he added, has no validity and sanctity before Kashmiris since India initiated unilateral sinister move of revoking special status of the Indian occupied Jammu Kashmir scraping Article 370 and 35-A by blatantly violating the UN resolutions and other international norms and commitments on the global issue of Kashmir over a month ago, he added.

The AJK Prime Minister reiterated Kashmir firm and principled resolve as saying “we stand united with Pakistan in all circumstances’’.

Farooq Haider said “Pakistan should now avoid to be tangled in the net of bilateralism – since as such the Kashmir issue goes side line” He continued that Shimla accord stands no more as it had died at its own after India’s unilateral nefarious step of stabbing into the UN resolutions on Kashmir through scrapping the special status of the IOJK, he added.

Reposing full trust and confidence in the valiant armed forces of Pakistan, the AJK Prime Minister expressed the hope that armed forces of the country would not ever disappoint at any stage. Haider announced to hold an international Kashmir conference in Azad Jammu Kashmir at the end of this year. The AJK PM thanked Prime Minister Imran Khan, his cabinet colleagues and other leading personalities from Pakistan for visiting AJK to reiterate solidarity with the people of Jammu & Kashmir in these hours of trial.

He also expressed gratitude to Prime Minister Imran Khan, on behalf of the people and government of AJK for visiting AJK on the eve of Independence Day of Pakistan to mark solidarity with the people of Jammu & Kashmir.

Haider reiterated Kashmiris firm resolve to continue and strengthen the invincible relation of Pakistan with the people of Jammu & Kashmir which Quaid e Azam had established 72 years ago.

AJK PM also thanked United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights for issuing charge sheet over the massive abuse of human rights in the Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir state.