Asthma disease in Pakistan. Asthma is a serious global health problem affecting all age groups. It is to much dangerous disease in Pakistan which is affecting the lungs of the people. Unfortunately, Pakistan is directly and indirectly effect due to asthma disease which is common in Pakistan according to the report round 7.5 million Pakistan adults and 15 million children suffer from asthma disease. Because to due increasing of population enlarging air pollution and some more issue due to them asthma disease is increasing day by day. And according to the global initiative for asthma GINA more than 150 million people in the all over the world suffer from asthma disorder. Last year 260,000 people died only due to asthma disease. Activity, in Pakistan asthma is destroying the lives of small children. Prof Jamal raze said that smoke, dust, mud, some fragrances, pet animals and smells can trigger asthma. finally, effort are needed to control prevalence of asthma disease in children lives.