KARACHI   -  Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Sindh leaders have said that there is no threat to Sindh if the federation issues directives as per the constitution for betterment of the province.

Addressing a press conference outside Sindh Assembly PTI Sindh chapter president Haleem Adil Sheikh, opposition leader in Sindh assembly Firdous Shamim Naqvi and other PTI MPAs said so far no any directive is issued under the Article 149.

Haleem Adil said we wanted to ask Raza Rabbani why Bilawal’s maternal grandfather kept the Article 149 in the constitution, if this article was so bad. He said under this article the federation has only to issue direction for improvement of the situation; however, so far this article is not implemented. He said if the federation issues any direction for the betterment of Sindh it should not be considered a threat. He said Bilawal Zardari in his statement has proved that he is not a follower of Benazir but instead a follower of Altaf Hussain. He said Altaf had talked about Jinnahpur and Bilawal talks about Sindhu Desh.

Haleem Adil said strong provinces are guarantee of a strong Pakistan. He said those who are talking against Sindh are enemies of Pakistan. He said to talk about breaking Pakistan is treason. He said this is not 1971 and this is not a Pakistan of Bhutto but this is the Pakistan of the Captain. He said some corrupt politicians are issuing such irresponsible statements to save their skin. He said Zardari had raised the slogan of Pakistan Khappi, and now people know that by Khappi he wanted to sell Pakistan. He said PPP has sold whole Sindh to Omni Group and Zardari Group.

He said the opposition previous day made a circus in Parliament during the address of the President. He said PPP is proving itself an anti-country party. He said their negative talks were highlighted by the Indian channels. He said Nawaz Sharif also showed his enmity to the country. He said the Sindh government wanted to hide its failure under this issue of this Article. He said we will protest against PPP government which has given AIDS and other diseases to Sindh. He said Farog Naseem belongs to his own party which has cleared his statement. He asked Bilawal Zardari to tender aplogy before the nation for his statement.

However, opposition leader Firdous Shamim Naqvi said yesterday we discussed the Karachi Committee. He said we are parliamentary members of Sindh under the principles of policy of the Constitution. He said this constitution guarantees the rights of citizens. He said in Karachi there is acute water shortage. He said Karachi strategic committee has already began its work.

He said we have deposited a resolution in Sindh assembly to say that we are against any division of Sindh. He said this assembly in past had also passed a resolution against division of Sindh.

He said Sindh is a part of Pakistan and we condemn such persons who want its division. He said we will call those who are talking against the integrity of Pakistan traitors. He said the people talking about Bangladesh and Sindhu Desh are not friends of Pakistan. He said on Monday we will discuss this issue during debate on our resolution.