Prime Minister Imran Khan has warned the global powers and the international community of grave consequences if a nuclear war breaks out between arch-rivals Pakistan and India.

In an interview he said, “It is a nation that will fight till the last breath,” he said while referring to a possibility of using nuclear arms in the war.

“The aftermath of a nuclear conflict is unimaginable and anything is possible if two nuclear-armed states enter into war against each other,” he said.

“No sane person can talk of a nuclear war. Pakistan will go to every extent for [rights] of Kashmiris.”

He affirmed that this was the reason Pakistan has been approaching every international forum for resolution of the longstanding dispute as the possible devastation would affect the entire subcontinent.

“Pakistan doesn’t want to initiate a war as wars create more problems. I am against war as I believe that wars don’t solve problems,” he added.

As an example, the premier referred to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and mentioned those wars later unfolded more intense issues.

PM Khan outlined that Pakistan has ensured religious freedom for followers of all religions and termed ill-treatment towards minorities “violation of the Constitution.”

He further compared religious freedom in Pakistan with under Modi regime in India, and stated: “India has been following the ideology of RSS.”

On Thursday, the premier, in a tweet, welcomed the European Union‘s call for a peaceful solution of the Kashmir dispute, in line with the UNSC resolutions, international law and bilateral agreements.

He had also thanked the rest of the world for its support for Kashmir."I commend 58 countries that joined Pakistan at the UN Human Rights Council on September 10, reinforcing demands of international community for India to stop the use of force, lift the siege, remove other restrictions, respect and protect Kashmir’s rights, and resolve Kashmir dispute through the UNSC resolutions."