What are the main causes that many of the children are out of school who don’t attend school? I have visited Quetta recently to attempt my NAT test conducted under National Testing Service (NTS) for the scholarships of other provinces. The test was held in Sandeman Higher Secondary School, Tola Ram Road Quetta. When I entered inside the school, like I was not in Pakistan as in my opened eyes dreams. I have never ever saw as much beautiful schools before. There I got a reason of out of school children. The conditions and beauty of a school has a power to attract anybody inside the schools, beside Quetta’s schools, the rest schools of Balochistan are not beautified perfectly to have attraction or a good education system which could compel the children to have presence in schools.

However, more than 5,000 schools are considered non-functional as some of them are with a single teacher. Nearly more than 250 students a school can contain and 5,000 non-functional schools are the reason of more than 12,00,000 out of schools children and what about the worst education circumstances of functional schools that refers a big number of out of schools children as well. It is my humble request to the government and education departments to encourage education and educationalists in Balochistan.