Pakistan’s Utmost Desire

Only last week, the President of the United States (US) Donald Trump called off the peace talks with the Taliban. Responding to the tweet series of president Trump, Taliban said that they would carry on fighting the occupation of Afghanistan. Taliban’s vow means more bloodshed and chaos in the country. Probably, Pakistan is the only country that sorely wants the peace deal to materialise between the US and Taliban. Pakistan has always maintained that a peaceful Afghanistan is a key to peace and development in the region. Therefore, Pakistan has urged the US and Taliban to reopen the negotiations.

Nevertheless, neither wish nor hope will ensure the reopening of peace talks between the two sides. It is about time for all other stakeholders, especially Pakistan, to persuade the Taliban to let go reliance on violence. Both the US and Taliban recognise that Pakistan’s role in the materialisation of the peace deal. Pakistan also knows this. Therefore, Pakistan should take the initiative of gaping the bridge that Trump’s unilateral revocation of the talks has created.

The Taliban have already explained their position on violence. They maintain that as long as the two sides have not signed the deal, they can carry on attacks against the Afghan government forces. It is this line of argument that makes many fearful. Islamabad needs to make understand the Taliban that violence some times yields unexpected results. 

Pakistan should do all that is necessary to reopen the talks between the US and Taliban. It is not all over, as US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, has said that if the Taliban show commitment then the talks can be resumed. Pakistan has suffered the most from the wars and interventions in Afghanistan. Therefore, Pakistan needs to go an extra mile in its efforts to resume the talks between the US and Taliban. And it’s no secret that only Pakistan can convince the Taliban to give up violence.    

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