“My music and my lyrics are essentially

emotional postcards.”

–Sarah Mc Lachlan


Post cards were widely used in the World War I as a communication option.


Austria issued the world’s first postal card on October 1 1869. The first postal card was suggested by Dr. Emanuel Herrmann and was accepted by the Hungarian government in the same year. The first regularly printed card appeared in 1870, a historical card, produced in connection with the Franco-German War. The first advertising card appeared in 1872 in Great Britain. The first German card appeared in 1874. Cards showing the Eiffel Tower in 1889 & 1890 gave impetus to the postcard heyday a decade later. A Heligoland card of 1889 is considered the first multi-colored card ever printed.

In present times, postal cards are almost an obsolete idea. With technological innovation and high speed and cheap communication modes, people do not prefer to rely on postal card for communication purposes.