Zubab Rana back on our screens with ‘Rishtay Biktay Hain’

Our staff reporter

KARACHI-The industry’s lovely rising star, Zubab Rana is coming back to our television screens after the blockbuster supernatural thriller Bandish, with Big Bang Entertainment’s latest offering ‘Rishtay Biktay Hain’ that is soon to be aired on ARY Digital.

The last directorial project of TV director Late Syed Atif Hussain (best known for family drama Babban Khala Ki Betiyan), ‘Rishtay Biktay Hain’ features Zubab Rana in the leading role, along with Javed Sheikh, Rubina Ashraf, Shugufta Ejaz, Ali Abbas & Asad Siddiqui in pivotal roles.

“This drama tackles the evil of dowry that is still plaguing our society,” states Zubab Rana, “I get to play & show how even in the 21st Century an innocent girl’s married life becomes a living hell because of greed.”

Amber demands drug documents from Johnny Depp

LOS ANGELES ( GN): Amber Heard wants Johnny Depp to hand over documents related to his ‘’drug and alcohol abuse’’.

The ‘Aquaman’ actress is seeking to have her ex-husband’s defamation lawsuit dismissed and now wants the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ star to be forced into providing paperwork and other material relating to him being intoxicated, as well as ‘’incidents of domestic violence and abuse’’.

In a memorandum accompanying the motion to compel, her lawyer, J. Benjamin Rottenborn, wrote: ‘’Mr. Depp cannot seek to litigate the truth of Ms. Heard’s allegations about his violent and abusive behavior while intoxicated, insist on proceeding without a protective order, and then blithely refuse to produce evidence that confirms the truth of those allegations on grounds of relevance and ‘privacy.’ ‘’In Mr. Depp’s self-serving view, his privacy justifies denying discovery essential to Ms. Heard’s defense, but somehow does not justify the entry of a standard protective order.’’ According to the request, the team want from Johnny: ‘’all documents and communications between you and any person employed by you or working on your behalf pertaining to the use of narcotics by you or ms. heard from 2013 to present’’ and ‘’all documents and communications pertaining to any treatment for alcohol or drug use or abuse by you or ms. heard from 2013 to present.’’

They have also asked for exchanges that mention ‘’ms. heard or any of your other romantic partners from 2010 to present’’ and ‘’documents sufficient to show each time you were arrested and the reasons for the arrest.’’