Okara-Two women, one mother of three, were murdered in Watta-Satta matrimony in village Jawahar Singh.

Bushra Bibi d/o Iqbal was married to her cousin Akhtar, of which she bore three children. Whereas Fozia the sister of Akhtar was married to the her cousin Amjad. Under circumstances, Fozia quarreled with her husband Amjad and went to her parents. Akram, the brother of Bushra had many times tried to make her understand to return to her in-laws. But she always refused. At which Akram asked his sister Bushra w/o Akhtar who was present there to leave her husband’s house and go with her. Bushra very wisely refused to do so. Akram got infuriated. He drew out pistol and shot at his sister Bushra and cousin Fozia w/o Akhtar. Both died on the spot. Akram succeeded to escape. The police reached the village and carried both the dead bodies to the hospital for autopsy.

Meanwhile, a man was booked for trying to poison his wife to kill her. Neelam Bibi w/o Abid Hussai of the city Yasir Ghaffar town laid complaint to the police that her husband Abid Hussain tried to poison her to death, which she came to know and did not eat the poisonous meal. The police had registered a case. Nine canal water thieves were booked for spoiling water course and irrigating their own fields illegally. In village 35/D Mukhatar Ahmad had complained to the police that Muhammad IMran, Muhammad Akram , Rustam Ali, Munawar Ali, La