Spokesperson of United States (US) State Department Ned Price has said that they recently notified Congress of a proposed foreign military sale valued at $450 million for maintenance and sustainment services for the Pakistani Air Force’s F-16 program.

The spokesperson further said “Pakistan is an important partner in a number of regards, an important counterterrorism partner. And as part of our longstanding policy, we provide life cycle maintenance and sustainment packages for U.S.-origin platforms”.

“Pakistan’s F-16 program, it’s an important part of the broader U.S.-Pakistan bilateral relationship, and this proposed sale will sustain Pakistan’s capability to meet current and future counterterrorism threats by maintaining the F-16 fleet.”

He further said that this is a fleet that allows Pakistan to support counterterrorism operations.

Responding a question about flood situation and US aid for the affectees, Price said that US is deeply saddened by the devastation and the loss of life throughout Pakistan that these historic floods have caused and we stand with the people of Pakistan at this difficult time.

He further revealed that as of September 12th, earlier this week, a total of nine U.S. Central Command flights delivered more than half of the 630 metric tons of relief supplies from USAID’s Dubai warehouse for the response to these massive floods.

He vowed that US will to continue to work very closely with our Pakistani partners to continue to assess the damage that has been wrought by these floods, and we’ll continue to provide assistance to our partners in this time of need.