KARACHI - Sindh Energy Minister Imtiaz Ahmed Sheikh on Tuesday termed the news of change of Sindh Chief Minister circulating on social media a conspiracy, as it has nothing to do with reality.

“The Chief Minister is our captain and we are a part of his team,” he said while addressing a press conference here. He said that Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan was desiring for power and still dreaming to get it again. “His (Imran Khan) words regarding the appointment of army chief should not be given importance,” he added.

He said that the PPP’s leadership and Sindh government were tirelessly working for providing relief to the flood victims with the support and services of armed forces, police, rangers, welfare associations and volunteers. He further said that it was inappropriate to call the flood victims robbers. “This is not the time to talk on ethnic divisions. Sindh is our land and we all belong to it,” he added.

“They are our distressed brothers and it is our prime duty to serve them,” he said adding that it was inappropriate on part of a political party to criticize the arrival of the flood victims in the cities of Sindh. He asked as to why flood victims couldn’t come to cities for shelter when Afghan settlements could be established in Karachi. He claimed that PTI leadership was making false claims of collecting billions of rupees. “If the money has been collected, why is it not being spent on the flood victims. He said that the money collected by the PTI in name of flood victims was being spent on politics instead of serving the flood victims.

He said that Dadu Grid Station had been saved from damage from the flood, but electricity poles and supply lines had been damaged. The provincial minister said that the destroyed and damaged houses would be rebuilt as their party members were reaching the victims to serve them,” he added.

Imtiaz said that all the complaints of the affected people would be resolved. “The strategy of PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari was to focus the attention of the whole world on the flood victims,” he added. The minister said that the pain and miseries of the victims could be estimated by those who had seen them (the flood victims) with their own eyes. 

“The UN Secretary General also witnessed the disaster with his own eyes.” He quoted the UN Secretary General, “It is a disaster that cannot be described in words.” He said that Asif Ali Zardari and Bilawal had given strict instructions to help the victims in every possible way.

Around 48,000 people were being provided three meals a day in the camps, and dry rations were also being provided in district Shikarpur alone. “Tent cities have been set up in all the affected areas across the province,” he added. “We don’t care about anyone’s criticism, the government is doing its work honestly,” he said and added that the flood water had started to recede.